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My face name is Katie. My soul name is She Who Wonders. I am a hippy vagabond anarchist. I spend my days building fairy houses in my backyard. And my nights searching for and trying to speak to aliens. I am a gentle old soul who knows that A.C.A.B. and that we are not alone in the Universe. Legalize it.


Very sound advice…..

#tbt @chronicals420 OG from last year. Can’t wait to debut this with my boy in 2015! Have a good day fam 👊👊✌✈ #PushKushGlobal #We_Dont_Fly_Coach #Chronicals420 #TeamChronicals #Fiyah_Xtracts by pushkushglobal

Fluffy erotic pictures!

Drusy Quartz on Chrysocolla with Malachite - Acarí Mine, Peru

Mr. Margate’s Mermaid, Imaginative Tales No. 4 magazine cover, March 1955